Is it really necessary to apply at these labels to oneself?

I am a……… fill it in with a bunch of terms.

Here is my problem with it – you are placing yourself and others into little boxes. If you are not like me – then you must be against me.

You are limiting yourself to the labels.

Then you add more lables to make up for it… and… we it never stops until you are in a smaller and smaller box. a prison of your own making.

There are labelers – People who try & force an ideology on others because they’ve forgotten their true nature so they compensate by seeking power & control.

Awaken is – people who try to be the best person they can be & remember their true nature.


And crap – there it goes, I am labeling now. Hmmm, how easy it is to fall into that trap of dividing up people.

Maybe, the only way out is for each of us to try to get back to our true nature. We are humans, we are divine light, we are love, we are compassion. We must come to understand that each person is doing the best they can, with the limited information they have available to them.

Seek truth – seek to understand what is going on around you. Why (the picture is larger than we think)

Take responsibility for everything in your life. Own it.

Look within for answers. Don’t give your power away to somebody else, some movement, some political thing.

Don’t limit yourself to some string of labels. We are a lot more.

Freedom comes from Self-Sovereignty through spiritual empowerment – allowing your soul to rise above all human-think.

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