My wife and I was visiting California. We went out to Malibu.

As we walked down the beach – here comes this guy. Older guy, strutting along. Nude. Walking just like, one does in clothes. However, Butt naked…

I had to laugh to myself at first, and think.. Only in California or Europe would you see this.. But then I had this idea of – whoa that guy is nude. Like hiding nothing.

Now, I am not saying we should all go around nude (please keep your clothes on)- but think about it for a second. What would we be like if we just stop playing the game. We stop being the actors in the game – and we threw off our costumes and showed the world who we really are. Not hiding anything or holding anything back because of fear.

I am sure, there are those who would run, hide and look at us in disgust. And also those who would be offended. But I feel at the same time there are those who would be like – gee what took you so long.

So, here is to you nude guy on the beach, may the sand stay out of your nether regions.

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