My wife and I was visiting California. We went out to Malibu.

As we walked down the beach – here comes this guy. Older guy, strutting along. Nude. Walking just like, one does in clothes. However, Butt naked…

Clearly he had zero f*ucks to give.

I had to laugh to myself at first, and think.. Only in California or Europe would you see this.. But then I had this idea of – whoa that guy is nude. Like hiding nothing.

Now, I am not saying we should all go around nude (please keep your clothes on)- but think about it for a second. What would we be like if we just stop playing the game. We stop being the actors in the game – and we threw off our costumes and showed the world who we really are. Not hiding anything or holding anything back because of fear.

Or because we have been told to be this way.

I am sure, there are those who would run, hide and look at us in disgust. And also those who would be offended. But I feel at the same time there are those who would be like – gee what took you so long.

So, here is to you nude guy on the beach, may the sand stay out of your nether regions.

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