This I can tell you. Without a shadow of a doubt. The few people that are actually determine to make the best version of themselves – to better themselves – to gain knowledge. That are active being creative.

They take care to associate with creative, productive people and profitable ideas. They have little or no time to read the gossip on Twitter. or anywhere else for that matter.

And yet I know quite a few artist, photographers, entrepreneurs… marketers, authors… and consultants, who obsess over and are affected by gossip about them.

The man who holds the record for the longest running play on Broadway – Yul Brenner said that he never read the critics reviews during his career, because “critics don’t buy tickets.”

Why waste your energy and engage with people who are not going to help you? But only bring you down? People who want to bring you down to their level.

People who want to argue with you to distract you.

People that wish they could do what you are doing – but are afraid to step out of their box.

You are not trying to please the world, just yourself.

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