Some of us are worried about missing out on the small things in life. What about the larger things?

Interesting thing, popped in my memory from a while back while compilating on being aware.

It was a conversation I had with a neighbor – who came over to ask where I bought some tool I was using. When I said, the name of the store Home Depot, he said, “There is one of those around here?” Where is it.. After I told him where it was, he said, “WOW I pass that place everyday on my way to work, never knew a Home Depot was there.”

What completely struck me, was that – How can you miss that huge orange sign. Not only that, but he has been going that way for six years… how could you in six years.. 1,560 days miss that large orange sign, and to think that there is even a traffic light there, in which the odds of having to stop there are pretty great. With the orange sign, to your left across the street in plain view.

I have to ask, what are the big things that we are missing? The obvious things? Are we choosing not to see them? Are we unable to see them? Are we not prepared to see them?

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