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Thank you for your interest in the Beacon Light Flasher  – Model BL50!

I do my best to design quality products that will last and help make your model layout more realistic. Feedback is always appreciated – along with suggestions for other products.

Introducing the Beacon Light Flasher  – Model BL-50 – Designed to simulate large incandescent warning beacons used on water towers, Light House or radio/tv towers – or in industrial scenes.  Of course it could be used for many other projects, where you want a slow flashing light.


  • LED Based Lighting – Provides many years of service.
  • LED soft turn on and turn off – to simulate an incandescent light source.
  • Slow Flash rate of – 20  per minute.
  • DC Input reverse protected – Hooking power incorrectly will not damage the device.
  • Power Indicator – Know that the device is receiving power.
  • Screw Terminals Hookups – Provides easy hook up for power and LED.


The BL50 requires DC power between 6 – 12 volts to operate. Draws max of 25ma when operating. Please note – power supply is not provided with BL50.

{Includes – In The Box}

Your choice of 5mm or 3mm,  Red, Yellow or Warm White LED on 12inch leads.

Hookup Guide – Instructions.

{Example Video}

Avaible for Custom Work

Need custom work or a design – I am happy to discuss your project with you.

I take great pride in all the products I design and make. This is why they are not mass produced in some factory, in some faraway place. Each one is handmade and tested by me.

Because each product is not mass produced – I am able to provide customizations, if you are looking for some special for your layout and haven’t been able to find it – I would be more than glad to talk with you about it. Maybe I can bring it into being.

If you have any questions – please reach out to me. I will be more than glad to help.

Feel free to email me at –