I have never been this person full of energy, or passion in my view… compared with a lot of other people that you see.

I think we all are mesmerized by the person that can get fired up and wants to do something. They make it look easy… at least to get fired up.

For me, to bring something into this world – requires a lot of energy… It is the feeling of an up hill battle. Going through thick neck high mud – like you are pulling a 2 ton weight. It is exhausting.

And as you move in it – you are filled with self-doubt. (is it worth it – it is not going to work)

I wish I could be like these people that “appear to just go and do stuff.” Glide along without any effort.

The problems with appearance is – just that.. They just appear to be – as we only see the outcome – or a very thin slice of it. And thus it appears to be easy.

Once you really look at them, you will find it is not easy for them either..

Bring something into this world is not easy.. It causes us pain, and struggle. You have to really want it to happen.

However the more you do it.. The easier it will become..

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