I am a tech geek, I like computers since I could remember. So, I tend to read a lot of stuff about technology and other projects people are working on.

To me, an artist is anybody that creates.

Recently I was reading a blog post – talking about a small ethernet switch this person made. For those who don’t know what an ethernet switch is – it is a device that allows computers to connect to each other – forming a network. It doesn’t have to be computers as in desktop – a lot of small devices also have ethernet network abilities.

I thought it was pretty neat, if you needed a switch that was about the size of a quarter and could be powered from 5V+ on up.

This would be a good solution where you wanted to connect multiple devices in a small space, say a streaming camera to a computing unit.

However, this person was more or less, shredded alive from the negative comments. Almost all the comments was barking at the price he was thinking about selling them for. 60 bucks…

On and on… the comments went. Mostly about the price and other things like I could have done that… (I am sure as an artist you have never heard that before?)

While this is a tech thing, this also applies to the art world as well.

The internet / forums / social media… has made it very easy for others to share their comments.

In most cases many of the comments will contradict each other.

The question is why should we even listen to comments (especially negative ones) from others who aren’t qualified or emotionally connected enough (who are just looking for something to say) to be heard.

And most humans are really bad at explaining their irrational feelings in the context of rational reasons. So they make stuff up.

Price always is the first point of attack, because it brings the irrational into something rational.

Do something and make something – that you think is worth doing. Make it and then ask the people who matter, not the peanut gallery.

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