Here is something that would get under my skin – when I ran my video and photography business, was working with clients (and I use the term clients very loosely, as this was more of an onboarding) who wanted something “creative.”

One has to ask the question – what do you mean by “creative?” Because what I think is creative and what they think are two different things. Answers I received was varied, from – I have no idea, that is why I am hiring you. To something that stands out. To something that gets their attention.

Here is my take on it – being creative just to be creative, is fine if you are working on your own person projects or whatever. Go for it – I highly encourage it, push the box.

However, When it comes to working with somebody else – that is code for – “I have no idea what I want, I have no understanding of how all this fits together… I am just going to waste your time and more than likely not be satisfied with what I get back from you.”

Creativity, when it comes to a business and/or marketing purpose, must be well thought out. It just doesn’t happen. It requires knowing what your business is about – why it will fit in with your business story, etc. Know your product, know your business, know why people like doing business with you.

If you are a business owner, don’t fall into the creativity trap. Understand how it fits in, what you want people to do after, seeing or watching, and testing it.

Oh yeah – you want a viral video… You want a sure fire, way for a viral video… wait for it.. Wait for it… Nude celebrity. Not sure if you will sell any products, but it will get a lot of views.

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