I have this picture in my mind of the first people heading west coming upon the Grand Canyon. Nobody has been there, nobody knew it existed. And from ground level, you don’t know it is there until you on right up on it.

I think the conversation went something like… “Crap, now what!”

Reflecting on this – it seems to be true even to this day. It might not be canyons, but other things in our lives. At least for me, we put so much work (effort) into bring our ideas into this world. Things move along smoothly at first, we cross great rivers, climb mountains.. And then there is this hole in the ground that we seem to hit.

I call this hitting the hole, or hitting the wall – the great chasm. And there is no easy way around it. It often causes, me to get depressed – this voice of doubt creeps in, saying things like, “it is not worth it.” It feels like trying to make your way though thick mud – up to your neck, where every move takes more energy and longer than it should.

The great chasm, is the hard part. It is the place we haven’t been before. It requires us moving out of our zone and comfort. It requires us to push, ask questions, put in more effort, think. Most of all – it requires that we trust ourselves.

It is a lot more fun and feels better to focus on the parts that aren’t hard. But does that really help us get the work that matters, out into this world?

Everything worth doing has a hard part. As the saying goes, if it was easy – everyone would be doing it.

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