I find more and more people like to be told what to do and when to do it.

In other words given a plan.

It drives me crazy at times.. As I ask.. Don’t they see what needs to be done.

See what needs to be done. That is an interesting statement – Do they see it, are they not aware of it. Are they just lazy or is it carelessness? Is it not their job? Do the not do it for out of fear?

To some extent we all have to follow a plan that has been given to us. Most often at work. Or some guidelines.. Rules. Expectations.

But what happens when we live our entire life that way? By a plan that was given to us by somebody else.

A plan that is not our own.

A plan that is just blindly followed.

A plan that is never questioned to as – why is it. Why?

I does take energy and time on our part to ask to question.

Is it an easy way out?

I am sure it is an easy way out, to just accept it. If it doesn’t work out – the plan, then we can just blame the people who gave it to us for our misfortune. And then wonder around in a circle until another plan magically is given to us. AKA – being stuck.

And what happens when that plan doesn’t work.. Or the next.. Plans we built our entire lives around?


Are we questing the plans enough or just blindly following them?

Are we seeking to create our own plans?

Do we see what needs to be done?

As always, I love hearing your thoughts, you can.

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