I feel we all hit up against this idea of what is “Enlightenment.”

The more I poke and kick the box of the concept of Enlightenment – the more I get the sense that, we as westerners have many romantic ideas about things. We paint and have a tendency to put things up on pedestals.

Given the influence of the dream of Hollywood – or Hollywood hypnosis, in which everything is much better than what it seems.

However, we also must take into account – that term Enlightenment – is also a western translation of various Buddhist terms.

So, they are taking several terms, words, that there is no English translation for and labeling it Enlightenment. Each term on their own, would mean slightly, but significantly different things, in the original spoken language.

I feel like many people – again have this romantic concept of it. Enlightenment must mean this big change, this huge leap. This thing to be attained, in which they will be transformed. Become almost something supernatural.

My theory, no. Enlightenment – is a state of having understanding. When you stop doing the things you do, believing things you do, out of blindness. It is becoming awakened.

It is when you see the game for what it is and you see the part you play in the game.

Or another way, We are puppets, Enlightenment is just a puppet that can see the strings.

The next question is – can we cut these strings?

And based on this – that the term Enlightenment – is a poor substitute for the original terms. Or a diluted copy. What are other substitutes – we accept as being the real thing in our lives?

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