I have always been fascinated with computers and electronics since I can remember.

One of my first memories – around the time I was 3 or 4 (so that would be around 1979 – 80ish) , going over to one of my dad’s co-workers homes. He had a computer which he let me type on the keyboard. I know it doesn’t sounds like much, but I just remember feeling a total connection to it.

I have a thing for old computers. And not just old computers – but if they are obsolete even better. I like new ones also.

It is digital possibilities and curiosity of what makes them tick and the portals they can open that, I find intriguing.

I am into solving problems with technology – sometimes it is solving technology problems with technology.

It is really about the possibilities – that exist and ones that have yet to become that really drives me. And not just in technology.

I have been in the technology sector for over 27 years. (Yes, I started when I was 16 working in a local computer retail store in my city – technically it goes back further than that.) Since then, I have worked with many interesting companies and slightly crazy people and have done some interesting , slightly crazy, and crazy things for them.

This journey has taken me to many interesting places and I have learned about a lot of fascinating things. And along the way made many things that solved a problem for them.

And this website… is another path (experiment) along the journey to see what happens and to see what becomes, what gets created… and see who I meet along the way.

To me, life is about exploring the possibilites, it is an experience.

Have a Project or Idea!?

I am Available for Freelance Projects

My skills are always primed and ready for new opportunities to be put to work, and I am ever on the lookout to connect with individuals who share a similar mindset.

If you’re intrigued and wish to collaborate, connect, or simply indulge in a stimulating conversation, don’t hesitate! Drop me an email and let’s begin our journey. I eagerly anticipate our interaction!


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