{This is a post a did a few years ago – can apply to other art forms as well. The idea that there is just one way to do something – just because others have been doing it that way. }

So, how many times have you heard the line “Get it right in camera.” Every time I see or hear it – it makes me cringe a little.

It is like so many things that have been overly simplified and boiled down to a smart little quote that is throw around like it is some insight into enlightenment.

Lets take a look at this – “Getting it right in camera.”

This is something that evolved from the time where everybody used film. You had two choices – get it right in camera or spend a heck of a lot of time in the darkroom making it right. Remember this is also before the time of Photoshop and other magical digital devices.

So, getting it right in camera was a big time savings. Along with money – especially if you didn’t have a darkroom and had somebody else do it.

Then comes along digital, the magical computers, and Photoshop (just to name a few editing programs) – not to mention cameras with more megapixels than we know what to do with.

Digital opens up a whole world of possibilities that didn’t exist in the film age.

Getting it right in camera in the digital age – is understanding what can and can’t be done with the tools you have at your disposal. And the amount of effort that is required.

Yes, there is merit to getting it right in camera – as long as it doesn’t take you 5 hours to get it right (chop down a few trees, etc) – versus 5 minutes in Photoshop. And as always, you need to start with a workable image (depending on your vision) focused and exposed correctly. Composition has to be close enough – depending on the environment.

What I am saying, if it takes you longer to get it right in camera, (and most of the time – time isn’t on our side) than using Photoshop to edit it – then use Photoshop to edit it. Or whatever.

The important thing is your vision – and using what you have, along with the knowledge and skill to achieve that vision. Don’t pay attention to what others might say – do it how you think it should be done, in such a way that it provides you with a sense of inner peace. Even if that is taking 5 hours to do it right in camera. Just understand why you are doing it.

To me photography is about developing yourself –

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