Recently, I was helping somebody out by producing images of their art work. The idea was the images would go on their website. Which they didn’t have yet. Mind you I wasn’t charging them for it.

After producing around 75 images – from the 400+ over the course of a few weeks. I started getting, you know that feeling I am wasting my time – the red flags started coming up.

I asked them, so how is the website coming along – got your domain yet?? (they) No.. I was like… WTF.

The excuse was – I want all the images done. All the images done – before what? I am sorry, I am not going to use my time to produce images that might not see the light of day. It was one thing, if I saw movement – you know buying the domain, getting something up and going. But sitting around thinking about it isn’t going to make things happen. Sitting around wishing, doesn’t make it happen either.

Here is the thing, the root issue was it had to be perfect.. Perfect is something that does not exist.

If you want to get things done… First step, get over yourself. The best line I ever heard was from Schitt’s Creek when David was freaking out about his drivers test and Alexis made the comment, “David, Nobody cares.”

We spend so much time worrying about how we think something should be, how other people will react, in the end.. really.. Nobody cares. It just has to work..

It just has to work, and the thing about that is – we don’t know what will work. Until we get out there and start trying things.

So, get over yourself. Go start making… Go start testing.. see what will work – and get over yourself. It isn’t going to be pretty out the door.

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