Here Is The Answer. The answer you have been waiting for.. The answer you have been searching for…

So, Here is the Answer..

There was a question posted in one of my groups I belong to the other day.

The question was – If a certain camera is good in low light?

I responded to the question – not to the person’s liking – by saying it depends on what you mean by low light and good.

The better question to ask would have been – how will this camera help me achieve my vision? However, that becomes much harder to answer – because the answer has to come from the one doing the asking.

It requires work on the part of the person doing the asking. To go out and see what the camera can do, what others have done with it.. Only then can you arrive at the answer of, will this help me achieve my vision.

Of course it also doesn’t take into account of how well a person is versed in their given craft. or if they even have a vision in the first place.

I was not replying to be rude – but to raise a point. There is no measure of good. In theory every camera can work in low light. The larger question – is about your vision.

A lot of people seek spoon fed answers to their questions. It takes the burden of work and the possibility of being wrong out of their court.

Like the Zen Koans.. If somebody gives you the answer you missed the point. It is about discovering the answer.. The awakening is in the process.

Create a vision and see where that will take you.

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