It is easy to sit on the sidelines, it is easy not to take a chance, it is easy to be average.

Average is what most other people want. Average is what most people want us to be, because it makes them feel good about themselves being average.

Being average doesn’t remind others of what they could have been.

Also, “Average” is the title of the blueprints others hand you with instructions on how to live your life.

Going beyond average – is uncomfortable. You are constantly placing yourself in uncomfortable situations. You might fail over and over again.

Just don’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

Accumulate feedback from these failures, try it a different way, change it up, and keep pushing forward.

The lie of – that is just how things are. Think about it for a minute – how many times in a day do we say to ourselves.. “Well that is just how things are?”

Perhaps we should question these things.

We live by these ideas that have been handed down to us. Ideas that we never have questioned. The ideas of – You should do it this way – life should be about this.

People like us, do things this way, that is if we want to fit in and be like one of them “average,”

However, people like us (you; me) we do things our own way. We can’t help it, we see the world a little differently.

It is ok to be un-average.

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