There was a recent “NEWS” story about a woman who argued with a another group of African-American women – and called them a racial slur. Of course it was caught on video.

I don’t know where to start with this… There is no need in such behavior.

I have to say, first, the woman was not right (She was wrong) to use such language to call a group of people names that are tied to hate and race. It shows how little self control a person has.

The question I have is – Is such a thing news worthy? It is sad that things like this go on.

But does publishing a story like this – help or hurt us as a society? Does it lift us up? Does it show us how things could be? Does it show us another possibility?

In fact, it’s becoming ever more clear that the attention-seeking, profit-driven media industrial complex drives our culture even more than it reports on it.

Thoughtful people regularly bemoan our loss of civility, the rise of trolling and bullying and most of all, divisive behavior designed to rip people apart instead of moving us productively forward.

Does it do any good to shine a spotlight on the bullies, the troublemakers and the fighters, going so far as to make them front page news. So that everybody is watching them and those that are of the same mind set as them are cheering them on.

Why don’t you make stories of how to accept people; who we perceive to be different than us, front page news. Give us a story of possibility of how things can be… not hateful people who are stuck.

For us, we have to ask ourselves a question. What is the real business of the news media? You can say to spread news, and if it can create some “new” news – well that is good for business. And if there was no news, because everybody got a long… they would be out of business…

Something to think about.. but isn’t it time for a new story we can tell ourselves?

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