10F32X Rapid Prototype Board


Make The PIC10F322 and other PIC10F Processors Breadboard Friendly for Quick and Easy Prototyping.

The rapid prototype board eliminates the need to rig in the microcontroller for your designs and allows for quick and easy programming though a separate programming header, along with a separate GPIO header.

The rapid prototype board can be plugged directly into a standard 2.54mm pitch breadboard or used with wire jumpers to connect with external devices.


• Separate ICSP Programming Header – Pin Out compatible with PicKit and ICD Programmers
• GPIO Header – All pins of the 10F Processors are available on the 2.54 mm pitch GPIO header. The GPIO header can be plugged directly into a breadboard or jumper wires can be used to connect external devices.
• Microcontroller is Socketed – Can be replaced/upgraded (Supports 10F32X and 10F2XX PIC Processors)
• Side mounted power in – allows for easy power hookup

Supported Processors:
10F200 – 10F202 – 10F204 – 10F206 – 10F220 – 10F222 – 10F320 – 10F322 in DIP8 Package


Rapid Prototyping Board Layout

PIC10F Rapid Prototype Board


Sold as a DIY Assemble yourself kit or fully assembled.  Please note the board does not come with a processor.  You have to supply your own 10Fxxx device.



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