It’s Urgent, urgent, emergency, urgent, urgent, emergency.

Is it now? And we are not talking about the song by Foreigner.

How many things come into your world that are labeled urgent? Are they truly urgent?

Is it because somebody waited until the last minute?

Is it because somebody just wants to get rid (aka throw something over the fence) – thus it is urgent to them to get rid of a problem?

What I have found, especially in groups, when a person labels something as urgent (or a threat) – it creates this mindless energy – that the group feeds upon.

This energy seems to transfer from person to person – (causes tunnel vision) and because the group is so worked up, thinking goes out the door.

Asking the right questions goes out the door.

Seeing things for what they are – goes out the door.

It is like kicking a fire ant mound.

In times like this – it is a good idea to realize the situation for what it is. Stop, and ask the question – is it truly urgent.. What would happen if we put off doing this?

Don’t give in to the nervous urgent energy.

And, if it is truly urgent, clear thinking will help you solve the issue at hand.

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