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What is The Difference Between The PIC10F320 and PIC10F322?

So, what is the major difference between the PIC10F320 and PIC10F322?

Both microcontrollers operate up to 16MHz with an internal oscillator.

Both have:

  • 4 I/O Pins
  • 2 8bit Timers
  • 2 PWM Modules
  • 8 bit 3 channel ADC
  • Configurable Logic Cell
  • Numerically Controlled Oscillator
  • Complementary Waveform Generator
  • 128B Bytes of High-Endurance Flash Data Memory (HEF)
  • 64 Bytes Data Memory

With all the above the two PIC microcontrollers are the same. except for one thing.

The PIC10F322 has 512 Words of Flash Program Memory.
The PIC10F320 has 256 Words of Flash Program Memory.

So, the PIC10F322 has double the Program Space. And costs roughly 3 cents more than the PIC10F320, depending on the quantity you buy.

Which one should you play around with – for 3 cent more go with the PIC10F322.

However, if you are a large company, that is going to make 5 million devices that use the PIC10F and your code can fit in the 256 flash space. By going with the PIC10F320 will save you roughly – $150,000.

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