Localized IOT – Based on the ESP8266, JSON, and MQTT – High Level Overview

Super high level

My goal was to create a localized (meaning not transferring informaiton on the internet or having the need to be connected to the internet) expandable and affordable system, based on nodes – that share information in order to achieve some sort of automation.

The nodes are based around the ESP8266 MCU using JSON and MQTT. With a computer (small computer, Raspberry PI, etc) running the MQTT server and other processing jobs.

Everything is connected VIA WIFI network.

There are two types of Nodes:

Sensor Nodes : Are made up of the IOT Node Base board and a sensor. The IOT Node Base can be expanded using an expansion interface – to allow for Actors.

Actors are additional inputs {buttons} or outputs, such as relays, PWM, etc that can cause a task to be preformed, such as tuning on a fan, pump, light. Etc.

Display Nodes : Are made up of the IOT Node Base board and a display unit. The display nodes can also be pared with an Actor.

Image of a basic Localized IOT Sensor node.
General Diagram