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    What is the PIC10F322 Arduino API?

    I started down the path of making a generic API for the PIC10F322 MCU.  Then you know – something hits you and you think why am I reinventing the wheel.  Arduino did an ok job and their API is used on a few other chips, why not use it as a base and make a small one for the PIC10F322.  Of course a full blown Arduino API will not fit inside the 512 word program space – so modular based (why not pick and choose what goes in) – if you are not using Arduino delays, why include them. Shaves off some of the code space usage.

    The API does not use the Arduino programming IDE.  You load it into MPLAB – which is manually adding each source and header file to your project, I have to (when I get time) figure out how to script the loading.  But in any event, you get access to the the XC8 debugging features.


    Where can you find the latest version?

    Examples and the Includes can be found in my Github Site –


    The current state of the API is very Alpha with only the GPIO functions, pinMode, digitalRead, digitalWrite, delay, and millis in the current API. will be updating the docs soon with more info. Followed by analogWrite.


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