I find it amazing, perplexing even. That those who have pushed literacy (not coming from the place of judgement, hell, I can’t even spell my name half the time), but we have created a society, in my view that can read, however comprehension and critical thinking are completely out of their grasp.

It seems that we are being programmed to only pick up on little things. The sound bite as they call it. Like it is some portal of absolute insight. But instead they are overly distilled ideas, that lack context.

Think of it like the cheap designer handbags you can find being sold on the streets of NYC. Made for those who want to look the part, and still yet fooling those who don’t know any better. A copy of a copy.. Of a copy.

Things are going in the direction of only to pick up on keywords that resonate with us without any understanding of the context that they were used within that give them a deeper overall meaning.

The bigger complex picture cannot be summed up by a sound bite. Unless perhaps something is trying to be hidden in that larger picture. Don’t look there… look here.

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