My Cat Likes To Wear A Sock On His Head – Maybe he is a little strange, but aren’t we all?

So, Milo (the cat that likes a sock on his head) likes to burrow. Something that has served him well in life. Because, of burrowing – He was found in a box on a person’s back porch when he was a kitten. And then we adopted him. If it wasn’t for burrowing chances are, and because he likes people, things ,might have ended up different for him.

Now the sock thing… What started out of him liking to go into a pillow cover.. progressed one day while I was putting on my socks. He was rather insistent that he put his head into them. I got out a worn out pair, with the elastic no longer supporting the sock to make it tight… held it out open, and he popped his head in. At this point – I let go and he started walking around. Not trying to get it off, just wondering around the room. He didn’t run into things or get freaked out… just wondering around the room…

After about a minute. I pulled the sock off. The reaction on his part was like… Whoa…. how did I get here… that is neat..

and ever since, we have his sock.. that he will bring to us – so we can hold it, so he can stick his head in and wonder around. He will take it off once he is tired of it.. but the reaction is always the same… Whoa… how did I get here…

The other two cats… by the way.. just look at him while he does this… With the look of .. Dumb.. Dumb Dumb.. the sock lasts about 2 seconds on their head.. they don’t want to put their head in it.. or have anything to do with it…

I have even upgraded the sock with eyes, After all it is a little weird to have a cat walking around with a sock on his head.

That brings me to my question – (no – not that do you think the cat is strange…) but what things in your life, where the sock been removed, (either by you or somebody else) and you thought for a minute… Whoa… How did I get here???


My Cat Likes To Wear A Sock On His Head
My Cat Likes To Wear A Sock On His Head

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