I like to think there are no weird people in this world, just some who require more effort on our part to understand them.

I enjoy watching people, not in a creepy way, but just observing, noticing. Asking self questions of what were they thinking when…. While my wife says, South Beach is the best place to do this. However, I think Las Vegas. I have been there many times for conventions and it never fails to amaze me. One time, as I was walking though the casino there was this guy, playing the slot machines, with no shoes, shirt, in his swimming trunks.

I mean, one has to ask.. Why? Perhaps he was going to the pool, stuck his hand in his pocket and was like.. I have a dollar. I need to play it so it will not get wet. Everything makes scene in the mind of the actor, even when the audience is clueless.

My take away – I don’t think I would do that.. Perhaps I should be more like that, not really caring what others would think of me or perceive of me. What am I missing out on, what opportunities am I leaving on the table, by not playing the slots in my swimming trunks, because I think I am not ready or dressed correctly to show up.

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