It seems that most of us are great collectors of stuff.

We go to the store to buy stuff. We say, oh look it is on sale, I should get it and add it to our stuff collection. After all it is a good deal.

The stuff we get comes packaged or wrapped in some other stuff. We throw that other stuff away. If it is lucky it gets recycled and becomes some other stuff. If not – to the big pile of useless stuff heap – aka the landfill. Unless, that is – it gets intercepted by somebody who exclaims, I can’t believe you are throwing that stuff away.. I will take it.

Whole industries are formed around storing and moving our stuff. Got too much stuff – garage overrunning with stuff. No problem we can rent you a storage unit, so you can store your stuff in it, so you can get more stuff. And when you run out of space again, well we have more space so you can continue to get more stuff.

Got a lot of stuff, well bigger house is needed. There are people who can help with finding a house that will fit all your stuff. Maybe you too.

You want to move – got a lot of stuff to move, There are people that can pack-up and ship your stuff. Even unpack your stuff and tell you where to put your stuff.

Now you have a walk-in closet with all your stuff – that would house a family of 5 in most third world countries.

We hire people to watch over and make sure our stuff is protected. After all we don’t want anybody stealing our stuff.

We get mad if somebody breaks our stuff.

We compare our stuff. Well, I only paid so much for my stuff – when it is really worth so much more. I can’t believe they bought that stuff – it is not even name brand stuff. Did you see his stuff?

Then there are the other people pushing stuff. Trying to get you to part with your money to buy their stuff. If you want to be happy, just look at these people in this glossy ad – you want to be happy like them… then buy this stuff. Want to impress your friends.. Buy this stuff. However, if you want to… get laid, find the person of your dreams, be popular, live life as a party.. Then… well we got stuff for that too.

We collect so much stuff, Then stuff becomes a problem… where is that stuff.. You know that thing… that stuff thing.. So much stuff….

So, we organize and sort our stuff. We buy more stuff to put our stuff in – so that we may divide the stuff up, so that one day…. When the times come… we can find our stuff. Based on some stuff storage system.

When we die, people fight over our stuff. So they can add it to their stuff collection. The government wants some of our stuff to. Maybe to ease the national stuff deficit?

We spend time coming up with wills on how we want to divide up our stuff or leave our stuff to certain people. And not other people. After we have past on.

In the end we are never happy with the stuff we have and always want more stuff. The latest stuff and better stuff. Wooo I am stuffed..

A lot of thought and time goes into our stuff, which in some cases only means something to us.


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