Last few – ever how many posts – we played around with the PIC10F322 – Great little cost effective device, but now lets move into something a little bigger for some sensor projects I have coming up.

So, enter the PIC16F15325 –

Program Memory Size (KB) : 14
CPU Speed (MIPS/DMIPS) : 8 or 32Mhz
SRAM (B) : 1,024

Digital Communication Peripherals
2-UART, 1-SPI, 1-I2C

Capture/Compare/PWM Peripherals
2 Input Capture, 2 CCP,

1 x 8-bit, 2 x 16-bit

ADC Input
11 ch, 10-bit

Number of Comparators

Temperature Range (°C)
-40 to 125

Operating Voltage Range (V)
1.8 to 5.5

Pin Count

Other interesting features:
5-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
Zero-Cross Detect module
Voltage Reference with 1.024V, 2.048V and 4.096V output levels

Ok, so there is also the PIC16F15324 – what is the BIG difference between the two – the 324 has 1/2 the Program space and RAM.

Based on the price, PDIP I/P the PIC16F15325 is .81 cents in 5K quantities. The PIC16F15324 comes in at – 0.73.

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PIC16F15325 Device Overview