The first problem I ran into is getting a power supply for the XT motherboard. The older machines that use the AT form factor and not ATX have a AT Power Supply. They don’t work together.

However, again I didn’t want to buy an AT Power Supply – people are asking a lot for them. Besides I have plenty of ATX ones.

Well, where there is a problem – somebody has a solution. There is a ATX to AT adapter – that will let you connect the ATX power supply to an AT/XT motherboard.

Here is the AT connector on the mother board

AT Power Supply to ATX

Since on the ATX motherboard – the system board operates the power supply. The conversion cable breaks out that connection to the on and off switch.

ATX Power Supply Conversion to AT Switch

Here is the end that connects into the atx power supply.

AT Power Supply to ATX Power Supply Connector