So, one of my first computers was an IBM 5150. An 8088 running at a blazing 4.77Mhz. It started out with 256K of RAM. Upgraded it to 640K with an AST Six Pack Plus card. It had a lovely CGA display. That too a few years later upgraded to VGA.

I was 8 or 9 years old when I first got it and I have been hooked on computers ever since.

That was 35 years ago and – how things have changed.
The IBM PC 5150 has been around since 1981 – 38 years.

What am I doing here – Like I said in my about section I have a thing for old obsolete computers. I was going to set out to buy an IBM PC or similar 8088 model. But.. Just go on eBay – they are flipping expensive. Well, people are asking more than I want to put into one. ~$600+

Nostalgia is costly I suppose.

In any event I decided to source the parts and build one according to my evil plans.

Step one – the MotherBoard.

After searching eBay I decided on a DTK PIM-Turbo XT 8088-2 MotherBoard. Runs in Turbo Mode at a blazing 8Mhz. I wonder how long it would take a mine some bit coins at that speed.

Fully loaded with 640K of RAM. “640K ought to be enough for anyone – Bill Gates”
And the price was right – ~$50

Project 8088 – Getting Started - The 8088 Motherboard

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Project 8088 – Getting Started - The 8088 Motherboard