Making an open air case for Project 8088 – to easily put it away and store.

So I grew tried of taking of taking everything for the 8088 Project out, putting it together, doing what I need and then taking it apart.. putting in back away (I have cats – they like to play).  I wanted a simple solution.

After drawing up many designs – this is what I came up with.  Originally,The power supply was on the bottom on its own tier. And the Pegboard was smaller. I wanted a way to access the ports on the 8088 board without anything in my way.

The End Design – The output from the power supply runs under the board to the motherboard.

Project 8088 Open Air Case Image


It started with a 16×16 plastic Peg board from Home Depot.  I cut two aluminum right angle brackets to hold the power supply in place.  Drilled holes to mount it to the peg board and hold the screws for the power supply.

Next once I determined where the output wires would land, I cut out a rectangle hole in the peg board, so I could bring it up to the mother board.

Finally I got lazy and just attached the mother board using zip ties to keep it in place.

Project 8088 open air case powersupply holder


Project 8088 open air case powersupply holder 2

Project 8088 open air case powersupply mounted