Skyscape Photography - Reflecting Clouds - Jones Lake
Reflecting Clouds’ stands as a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty of skyscape photography, depicting an awakening moment where the sky and water meet in a serene dance. The image captures the mesmerizing mirror-like reflections of the clouds on the tranquil surface of the water. This fascinating interaction between the elements of nature creates a sense of peace and freedom that permeates the entire scene. ‘Reflecting Clouds’ offers an intimate view into the harmonious relationship between the sky and water, making it an enchanting visual journey for all lovers of natural beauty.

Visual Intervention

Awakenings – Reflecting Clouds – Jones Lake

Awakenings : Life without the filters – points to the truth that life, just as it appears, is all there ever is – when the separation that divides us from each other and the world is seen as illusory. There is only always This. Life, lived without the interpretations that keep us from seeing the extraordinary wonder in the everyday appearances. Deep peace can be found, when it’s realized there is only ever this seamless web of aliveness.

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