So, keep on rocking in the free world.. The irony of it all.

In case you haven’t seen it – boiling it down – Neil Young wants Spotify to remove the Joe Rogan show – because (in his opinion and opinion of others) of the show spreading misinformation.

Is it just me, or is this kind of funny. You have Neil who made money off songs going against the establishment, becoming the establishment – and wanting to censor narratives that go against the current establishment.

You know – here is my take. I don’t really care what side of the story you are on.

The point is – if you agree with somebody or not – you have a choice to pay attention to them. If you don’t like them… don’t listen to them.

However, when you try to mute somebody, where does that stop? And misinformation – where does that stop? Will misinformation become anything that goes against the current popular narrative?

Perhaps, the saying is true, what you fight is what you become.

The thing is, Neil has made – his worth is $200 million. 200 million off the system that he is a part of. That his songs were against. Or so it seemed.

Did they even believe what they sung?

Or, could it be, once you are in the system, once you are making money off the system, you become a part of it, and you will defend that system.

Makes you wonder.. Who’s side were they on? Or were they some mouth piece for some other agenda?

But, really to be frank, I have never heard of Rogan, wasn’t even on my radar. I am assuming there are others out there like myself as well. Well, guess what.. Rogan is on everyone’s radar now. (so, good job Neil) – what is the saying.. “there is no such thing as bad publicity”

On the surface it seems one thing, but is it really something else? Or do we just have a kinder, gentler, tyrannical way?


So, maybe things are not as they seem. Which is usually the case.

Apparently, Neil has been linked to Pfizer through Jeff Kindler, ex-CEO and Ex-Chairman.

Then, it becomes a matter of asking the right question. For example, one might ask why Blackstone hired Pfizer’s former CEO as a senior advisor? Or why did Blackstone decide to partner with Hipgnosis, which owned 50% of Neil Young? Why did Neil Young sell 50% of his content to Hipgnosis?

And finally, why was Neil Young willing to lose $300,000 over what some doctors said about a vaccine that they helped make in the first place?

Greed is a terrible thing.

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