Lets poke the box on this idea that Science is real.

First, I have to say, I like science. And let me clarify that – science that is making discoveries and science that is open to discussion.

You know – how science used to be. Not the shut-up and do what we say, in the name of science.

The new thing labeled science is becoming a religion of its own.. A belief system.

They are saying, you don’t know because you are not educated in such and such (basically not smart enough to understand). They say, trust science, because it is in your best interests (blindly trust). Isn’t that faith? But mainly don’t question it.

How is this any different than, say a religion that imprisons people, with the goal of keeping them from thinking for themselves? Do as we say, don’t ask.

It is a grab of power.

Instead of the Spanish Inquisition – we have the Science Inquisition.

This seems to be a common theme among us – we trade, what looks like on the outside different ideas, or ways of being, for pretty much the same thing, but call it something different. It is like us changing clothes, same person, different outfit.

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