My last post was thinking about awaken vs woke (All These Labels). On that note, my wife received an email from a yoga studio in our previous area. They are in the process of raising money to move from an owner based model to a community owned model.

I get that – that is very noble. However, what struck me as odd is they started listing all the yoga classes they hope to offer as a way to be inclusive. In their words, to move away from this idea that yoga is just for skinny white people of privilege.

Yes, yoga is for everybody that wants to do it.

However, is it nessary to put people into boxes and label them. Classes such as queer yoga, as an example. Yoga for over weight people. Yoga for people of color.

Again, I get it. I see yoga as being for everybody. But doesn’t that lead to segregation. By putting people in their own boxes with like people.

So, what if I attended say a general class, and the instructor came to me and said.. Hey! Just so you know we have classes for old white people if you are intrested. Or we have classes for queer people, you look queer. Doesn’t that encourage labeling? And thus separation?

The way I see things, The body is just a vessel. We have the choice, we can honor the vessel or honor the soul. The soul knows no labels.

Some vessels are large, some are small, they come in all different colors. They have different backgrounds and cultures. But the soul is above all of this.

The soul is sweet like honey. And it doesn’t matter what container the honey comes in – it still taste good.

To be inclusive is to see people on their soul level. Because once you do that – everything else fades away. There is no need to label.

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