A questions that comes up quite often is – What are my thoughts on watermarking images?

I always have to ask… So, what are you trying to do? What do you think the watermark is going to do for you?

The majority of the answers I hear are.. to keep people from stealing my work.

To be frank, my first reaction when I hear this is – don’t post them online.

It goes back to the question of why. Why are you posting them online to start with?

I get it, we do not want somebody to steal our stuff, and use them for themselves, in such a way they gain a profit. or a free ride as some like to call it.
(Perhaps we should rethink Facebook and other social media collectives – just a thought.)

For me, yes I use a watermark. Something very simple – Name and website. This watermark fits the “why I post them online” – which is to be used as a calling card. It is saying.. for those who like this art, I can be found here.

I realize that some of my images are going to be “used without my knowledge” and that is fine. If somebody posts them in the blog, or so on. As long as they keep my contact and gives me credit (maybe even a link to my website). I am ok with it.

Also, because of the size and resolution at which I post them – it limits what others can do with them.

Again, what is the reason you are posting them in the first place? Are you using your art as a calling card – so that others can find you?

I will finish up by saying… I don’t mean this in a mean way..
But if you are a photographer, or some other creative.. Remember this the next time you find your work online – being used without your knowledge.. “other people only “steal” stuff of value. ” Something to ponder…

As always, I love hearing your thoughts, you can.

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