The biggest part about being an artist is showing up… This applies to just about everything else as well.

Show up – Post your work.. Show Your work. Get out. Take part. In whatever.

It is about speaking you.

Figure it out, that thing that is inside of you.

Don’t be afraid to put it out there. In what ever way you can. It is easier said then done, but you can figure it out.

I see very talented people – and for what ever their reason they are not showing their creations. I have heard… well I don’t want somebody to steal it.. and so on…. excuses…

Here it is….

You are already good enough.

If you are worried about somebody stealing your work – well.. Really?

For me, what it came down to – I was afraid of what others would think about me. It had nothing to do with the excuses I came up with.

To be frank, and maybe age has something to do with it – I am less concerned what others think any more. I want to be me and I have things to share.

Don’t you want to be you? Don’t play small.

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My skills are always primed and ready for new opportunities to be put to work, and I am ever on the lookout to connect with individuals who share a similar mindset.

If you’re intrigued and wish to collaborate, connect, or simply indulge in a stimulating conversation, don’t hesitate! Drop me an email and let’s begin our journey. I eagerly anticipate our interaction!

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