Every year social media companies (including google in this) spends billions of dollars trying to figure out ways to understand what makes you tick.


Because your attention is their gold.

And attention like gold is in limited supply in our day to day lives.

The better they can figure out (cheap tricks) how to get more of your attention, the less you have for other things, like understanding yourself, your family, just being and thinking.

With the invent of A.I. (which as been around for some time – just now they have a reason to use it) – it is being used to figure out what makes you tick.

Every like, etc you reaction to posts, what you post, who you follow, what videos and how long you watch them, etc, is all being used to create a algorithm that describes in computer terms, what you would be more willing to engage with. Your desires…

Because once they hold your attention, they can sell more ads. Well, not just more ads, but more targeted ads. Show you more content that you will engage with, thus becoming an influence.

Couple that with the digital leash (smart phones) – we have the ultimate Pavlov device.

Buzz, notification, click.. Reward brain candy.

This tech is getting better each day. So, What happens in the future, when this is applied to a larger scale. To something like products. Products that take all that information about you, and not only write the custom marketing targeting you, but the product itself (which because of on demand manufacturing) is custom to you, in such a way that makes it irresistible.

Don’t fall for the distractions. Keep your head up.

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