​Being An Artist – Some Days We Don’t Feel Like It

We all have those days.. We are grumpy – the world seems to be beating us down.. The people in front of us drive too slow.. We get stuck at every traffic light…Things seem to be going nowhere… stuck..

The work, these things that we create.. Seem to be going nowhere. The scenery is all the same.

We try to pickup the camera, the brush, – we try to create, but everything feels like there is a 50lbs lead weight attached to it.

After all the efforts. All the time…We think.. Why bother.. It is going no where.

Are we simply deciding that the work isn’t worth the effort. (because it takes work to being anything into this world – worth having)

Or, is it that we just don’t care enough?

In times like this – we need to keep moving. If you stop it is even harder to get back moving. Show the world your compassion – Show that you care.

Do something, no matter how little.

As always, I love hearing your thoughts, you can.

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