There is a fine line with technology.

I grew up with computers – my dad always said a strong back will only get you so far and always encouraged me to learn as much as I could.

Technology I can see what it can be used for. But like anything else – there is always a dark side if allowed to venture into that realm.

Take your so called smart phone – delivering 24/7 distractions right into the palm of your hand.

If you allow it.

Technology as a way of control. The black box that nobody knows how it works. Well, nobody on the outside. It just turns on and off the lights, and takes notes for us… But what else is it listening in on? What happens when it gets hacked?

And then there is always the issue of being dependent on technology and forgetting how to do basic functions.

The guidance is – don’t let tech control you. Know it, understand it, use it to enrich life, to make the planet better.

The value as I see it in Technology – is using it as a tool, so that it enhances life and gives you more independence. And by enhancing life, using it as a tool for the extension of self.

And technology doesn’t always mean things with flashing lights and computers. You could even think of the wheel as technology – to extend one self. It allows us to go further, carry more. Etc.

Something I have been investing a lot of time in is – hydroponics. That is a technology, the independence is -food sovereignty . As it allows for growing food – almost any where.

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