This is an article a wrote a while back.

An article I read got me thinking this morning. It was about Epic Games – VS Apple and Google. In which Epic’s game Fortnite has been removed from both online app stores, basically cutting off Epic from roughly, 3.5 billion devices.

The short story, is that Apple and Google takes a 30% cut of any money that comes in. Epic decided to by pass this – and thus got banned.

Here is the idea, Those who control / own the gateways – The Gatekeepers – control the world.

In this case, Apple and Google own the gateway – their store – and thus control who can access their devices.

Perhaps not a bad thing, under the idea of keeping harmful apps off the phones. But where do you draw the line?

If you pay a fee, you can get access.

But, lets re-think this. This idea of The Gatekeeper.

What services do you purchase that gives you access to customers? What would happen if that service went away, or if they the corporation decided it didn’t want to do business with you any longer?

What are things that keep you interacting directly with the people?

How does this apply to everything else in our world? What about knowledge and education – when you need a computer or some other device to access them.

What about those who control what can be seen / found – from the vast knowledge pool?

What would happen if you where told how you do business, is no longer how it is going to be?

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