Beach Photography – The Night Watch

I received this image one night in Wild Wood, New Jersey.  I was doing some nighttime photography and set the camera on the life guard stand.  The moon was full that night and the moon light is reflected in the ocean waters.  Almost giving the moon a larger than life appearance in the water. The life guard stand is there – even at night, although nobody is there, physically, it is keep watch. 

Take a closer look at the ocean – and the life guard stand.  What are two saying in relation to each other? 

For me, the ocean is the soul or emotion, with the soft light.  The stand – even if nobody we can see is there, it represents the hidden – that is watching over us.  The hidden I am describing as the spiritual sense that we feel, the feeling of that we are not alone, we are not separate. 

What do you feel?

As always, I love hearing your thoughts, you can.

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Beach Photography - The Night Watch

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