The path – the one that you seek, the one that you think you are on… well it can change, and should change. As you discover yourself.

You never can see the complete path of the journey you are on. If you could that would take the fun out of it.

I started this website with an idea to share things that I am curious about. Things that I find interesting.

As I moved down the path, by doing. By posting.. By creating.. I have come to realize there are a lot of people that this site has resonated with.

And like, me they are seeking new ways of seeing, new ways of being. Putting the pieces together.. We desire to see things for what they really are.. We seek the seeker.

We are all on the path of becoming.

The thing that keeps popping up is (something) to connect people to their creativity. Something that connects them to seeing. Something that allows them to ask questions about themselves.

And then the other idea that keeps drawing me in is the idea of.. The first step in changing the world, is to change the culture. Write books, paint, make the music, make the films, make the pictures.

Lets see where this is going..

Lets Connect

My skills are always primed and ready for new opportunities to be put to work, and I am ever on the lookout to connect with individuals who share a similar mindset.

If you’re intrigued and wish to collaborate, connect, or simply indulge in a stimulating conversation, don’t hesitate! Drop me an email and let’s begin our journey. I eagerly anticipate our interaction!

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