It can be very confusing in life and business. At what point do you cut your losses and go and do something else.

In other words, after digging for so long and not hitting pay dirt – when do you throw in the towel and say, “Hey, it is time to go and dig some place else.”

You have a lot of people that believe in the steadfast approach. Keep doing what you are doing… Grind it.. Do more of it.. Work harder.. Don’t give up.

After all the world is full of the stories of people who did not give up – kept at it and got to where they wanted to be.

But you never hear the stories about the people who did not give up – kept at it and didn’t get to where they wanted to be.

Who is telling these stories anyway? What do they have to gain?

Just because it is the story they are telling themselves, doesn’t mean it has to be your story.

And maybe, it is not about giving up – but looking at the problem differently – using different tools and doing new things.

And maybe, it is realizing that the chances of digging a hole to hit water in a desert is unlikely. That your time is better spent on damming up the river.

However, It does take one thing – trusting yourself enough and knowing you can get there.

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