I am sharing some Z80 resources I have come across. I have decided not to invest more of my time on my own Z80 designs and focus more on current technology.

These are not my designs and I have had them for a while and I am sharing them for those that would like to know more and understand the Z80 better. I figure since these go back to the late 70s and early 80s – and some are copyrighted, I am sharing them in the spirit of knowledge. 

If you create something with these – let me know I would love to see your project. 

Tiny BASIC files for use with the CPUville Z80 computer


A wire-wrap Z80 microcomputer project


Something You Might Be Intrested In


10F32X Rapid Prototype Board

Make The PIC10F322 and other PIC10F Processors Breadboard Friendly for Quick and Easy Prototyping.

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Z80 Resources - CPUville Tiny Basic and Wire-wrap Z80 Project