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I have been working with computers and other technologies going on 35 years now… I get a kick out of automating stuff.

If you want to do more with less – or not have to worry about the boring stuff. Or even if you are not doing the time sucking task – but you want to make sure it is done right, each and every time. Automation is for you.

I don’t think I have to explain it any further.

Automation is your friend – or could be the biggest thorn in your side, if not planned out, because automation can turn what would be a small bump in the road, if somebody was doing by hand into something of the Ever Given stuck in the Suez Canal. It allows you to mess up more things quicker – if not done right.

The first step in doing it right is…. To have a process to start with. And not just a process but a documented process of what you are automating.

The times, if I had a dollar – teams came to me and asked, we want to automate xyz. And I say, sure – do you have something documented.. But is it simple.. They say.. (red flag number one)

Even the simple act of moving files or a file from point A to B. What type of files, are they all the same files? Should they be the same files? What if they are not the same? How often should this automation run? What should happen if no files are in the source? What should happen if the destination is not available? What should happen if there is already a file in the destination with the same name? What happens if a file has a lock on it? What happens if…… And the big ONE… Who is going on own this automation process? (that is any changes to it, updates, or changes to the process itself – and communicate those changes back – so that you can update the automation process if needed) AND! Who is going to monitor the process, alerts, etc…

And another piece of advice – don’t try to automate too much too quickly. Test the process – because even the best written and controlled processes – could have unseen undocumented issues.

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