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The About – The about that can be read – is not the true about.

So, where do I start. Less than a minute ago – I didn’t exist to you. Now I have to some how create something; something that if I listen to all the “experts” has to grab your attention in less than 8 seconds, entertain you, engage you… So that you will share it with all your friends and it will go viral.

That is pretty shallow – much like the thickness of our smart phones.

Instead, this is my attempt to create a connection, with messy words and labels to those who seek connection.


Who Am I As An Artist –

Sometimes somebody else has said it better than you. What they have written, resonates with you.

A quote from David Bowie to set the context,

“Never play to the gallery…. Never work for other people in what you do. Always remember that the reason that you initially started working was that there was something inside yourself that you felt that if you could manifest in some way, you would understand more about yourself and how you co-exist with the rest of society…. I think it’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other people’s expectations.”

Now, this does not mean I like the music from David Bowie. I like what he has to say, “there was something inside yourself”, ” if you could manifest in some way”, “you would understand more about yourself.”

An artist (if I must label myself as one so that the world can place me into a category) is a someone that explores and creates. (We are all artist, you just don’t know it yet.) It starts with – something inside of us. We can’t understand that something. But we know the something is there. We can feel that something . Maybe we catch glimpses of that something. We can’t put words to that something.

If we ignore that something – life some how seems to hold less meaning. We end up being miserable people, disconnected from ourselves. The something causes pain, and we look for other things to numb this pain. I will refer to this as a form of Dukkha.

If we use that something to create not of ourselves, “it’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other people’s expectations.” that this leads to another form of Dukkha.

If we try to rush that something – force it into being. Force it into something that it is not – that causes issues in us also. That is why I think so many artist either were insane, had drug and/or alcohol dependencies, depression, suicide, etc. This is the most extreme form of Dukkha.

For myself – being an artist is a way to understand myself, a way to get closer to that something. To see that something and become more aware of that something. To manifest it in some way.

I have always been attracted to photography – since I can remember. Looking at certain images, creates this sense of.. my own inner state of going nowhere in a timeless moment.

Everybody have these moments occasionally, and it is just then that we catch those vivid glimpses of the world. A world still, at peace. It is the feeling of the smell of burning leaves on a evening of autumn haze. Observing the motion of the wind on a field of wheat. The single cry of some unidentified bird in the depths of a forest as the sun dips into the beyond.

These things connect to something deep within us. They connect to something beyond ourselves.



Visual Interventions

 Photography As A Process Of Self Discovery And A Medium To Awaken The Minds and Hearts

Visual Interventions is the name I have given my photographic work. It is exploring photography as a way to snap us out of our normal day to day ways of perception. It is to relax and experience one’s state of being.

I do hope that with the experience we start asking deeper questions and start exploring who we are.

Visual Interventions are about the now and evolving.


Solitude and Loneliness…

That is the basic theme for a lot of my photographic work. But it might not be how you think or were taught to think about solitude and loneliness.

Much is about the experience itself and other is about the unraveling of it.

Think about it… Loneliness – is a universal theme of everyone. The truth is we are all outsiders looking in.

Even today, in our hyper-connected world, full of distractions. There is a heighten sense of disconnectedness.

In general, Solitude and Loneliness are looked upon as bad things. How much of our lives do we spend trying to avoid it? And this avoidance comes at a high cost. Think of just peer pressure alone – not to mention the other manifestation of it, “Trying to Keep Up With The Jones.”

Loneliness – means more than just the conscious, painful experience of being home alone on a Saturday night. The truth is that, we very skillfully and often unconsciously organize our lives in such a way as to avoid loneliness and solitude.

It is the fear of isolation, of being lonely, of being rejected by the group or the person on who we rely for security, that directs so much of what we think and do, it’s this fear that compels us to make so many little or large compromises.

In facing up to our essential loneliness, we come to recognize how essentially connected to others we truly are.


The Art Created Is About The Artist –

I like to think of the art as a calling card. A way to communicate and find connections with others. And perhaps these others are pondering the same things I am.


Going Deeper Into The Rabbit Hole – VISUAL INTERVENTIONS (WABI AND SABI)

On a simple level wabi and sabi refers to a mindful approach to everyday life. It is finding beauty in the imperfections of life and accepting the peacefully impermanence of the world around us.

I like to view them as separate terms to describe the works.

Sabi – Where the mood of the moment is solitary and quiet. It is loneliness in the sense of detachment. It is seeing things as happening by themselves in spontaneity. Solitary and loneliness here are as they are in the Zen and Tao ideas.

Wabi – The emptiness of feeling. Suchness of very ordinary things. It can be said as – Be Here NOW! The emptiness word is of the Zen and Tao ideas.



The Idea of Received Images – Instead of…

Instead of take, taken, made, make, capture, etc.. such words of our culture don’t you think?
Take an image – steal, did we steal it? or is it still there? did it ever exist in the first place? Take is an act of force. Taking ones land. We don’t take the light, we receive it.

Capture an image – again to go on a hunt, to hunt something down, to ignore all other opportunities. It is very forceful and violent. Receiving is being open it is not an act of force, it is being present and aware to what is unfolding around you with no intention. After all is light something that can be captured and horded away?

Make and image – This is where the lines start to blur, however it is an act of force of will. To make something conform. Conform to what – our preconceived ideas? Why not just allow it to evolve?

To receive is to be present. To be open. Just to watch, look, and observe, and when the feeling occurs, a feeling that no words can describe, you have received it.

Energy can only flow in one direction at a time. While we are putting it out, there isn’t room for allowing it in. Energy in the form of ideas, thoughts, and creativity that is already around us.
There’s an entirely different energy around receiving. When we’re in “receiving mode,” we’re far more able to see the opportunities that manifests for us in response to our intent. We’re not so bent on “getting” where we want to be by the means we think are available.




Be The Black Sheep

Despise conformity and the idea that the person who stays in motion and is open to change, creates their own values and identity, makes connections, experiments, ask questions. The idea that, this is the person that owes the world an explanation for their actions rather than the person conforming to the safety of the systems around them.

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