In the flowing river of existence, there are seekers, neither daunted by the quest for understanding nor by the potential revelations it may bring. Fearlessly, they delve into the depths of existence, and whether they uncover what they seek or not, joy and presence persist. For nothing, neither daunting truths nor the lack thereof, can deprive them of the genuine experience of being, the pure inhalation of Earth’s harmonious breath.

Hello and welcome to my website, I started this as a way of seeking connections and as a way to connect with other people.

I invite you to take a look around – If there is anything that resonates with you – feel free to send me an email.


Just a friendly note! This website embodies my dynamic essence — endlessly curious, diverse, and unbounded. Just as I’m passionate about exploring new frontiers, challenging conventions, and igniting creativity, this space resonates with the same spirit.

I thrive on movement, exploration, and experimentation.

People often recognize me as ‘Jamie, The Computer Expert’. Both inside and outside the office, I’m the trusted tech maestro they turn to for gadget guidance and troubleshooting. Whether it’s resolving complex issues or reviving dormant devices, I’m the one they count on. With humility at my core, I adeptly navigate the maze of digital dilemmas. No grand gestures, no unnecessary drama – just an innate ability to tackle even the trickiest of tech challenges.

I have a keen eye for identifying tasks, crafting a strategy, and pursuing it relentlessly until completion.

Photography has always been a passion on mine. You can read more about that here : From Negatives to Positives: My Soulful Journey with Photography

I must admit, spelling isn’t my strong suit. Thank goodness for spell check!

About Jamie Starling

On The More Personal Side

My wife and I recently relocated to Beaufort, NC. Each day, as I cycle along Front Street and through the docks, I find myself pausing in awe, thinking, “I actually live here.” It’s a privilege to be surrounded by such ever-evolving beauty and to be a part of a community brimming with warmth and kindness.

We share our home with three feline overseers – Beebs, Milo, and Jocko. They ensure everything is in order.

Above all, my ultimate joy is exploring places I’ve never set foot in before.

My Advice to Anyone

Despise conformity – Let go of this idea that the person who stays in motion and is open to change, creates their own values and identity, makes connections, experiments, ask questions, seeks truth, explores. Let go that, this is the person that owes the world an explanation for their actions rather than the person conforming to the safety of the systems around them.

Life is for living – if you don’t like your life – change it and get after it.

Measure your life in terms of results, not with what you identify with.

Let’s Connect

I am always looking for oppunities to put my skills to work.
I am always looking to connect with like minded people.

Want to connect – drop me an email

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