Hey there! Welcome to my website. I created this space to make new connections and to get in touch with others. Feel free to explore around, and if anything catches your eye or clicks with you, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

Just a heads up, this website is like a little online version of me. I’m always curious, always exploring different things, and I don’t like to be boxed in. I love trying new things, pushing the usual boundaries, and sparking some creativity, and that’s what you’ll find in this space too.

I’m all about keeping things moving, exploring around, and trying out new ideas. My favorite thing to do is to go some place I have never been before.



Jamie in a Nutshell

I picture life is like a big, flowing river. In this river, there are some curious folks who love going on adventures to learn and discover new things. They aren’t scared of what they might find out, or even if they end up not finding what they were looking for. They dive into life’s mysteries without fear, and enjoy every moment of it, whether they solve the mysteries or not. They love the journey and feel alive and joyful just by being a part of it. So, no matter what they come across, nothing can take away the fun and realness of their adventure, just like nothing can stop them from enjoying the fresh air of the great outdoors.

Most people know me as “Jamie, The Computer Whiz.” Whether I’m at work or just hanging out, people always come to me for help with their tech troubles. Need advice on gadgets or got a computer problem? I’m the go-to guy. I love bringing dead devices back to life or solving tricky tech puzzles. I keep things simple and drama-free. I’m just naturally good at figuring out even the toughest tech issues without making a big fuss. So if you’ve got a digital dilemma, I’m here to help navigate through the tech maze!

I’m good at spotting what needs to be done, making a plan, and sticking to it until everything’s finished.

Photography has always been a passion on mine. You can read more about that here : From Negatives to Positives: My Soulful Journey with Photography

I must admit, spelling isn’t my strong suit. Thank goodness for spell check!

I value Freedom, Self-Reliance and Independence. I have this wild idea that technology should serve and not control us. And that we should not be chained to it.

About Jamie Starling

On The More Personal Side

My wife and I recently relocated to Beaufort, NC. Each day, as I cycle along Front Street and through the docks, I find myself pausing in awe, thinking, “I actually live here.” It is amazing to be surrounded by such ever-evolving beauty and to be a part of a community brimming with warmth and kindness.

We share our home with three feline overseers – Beebs, Milo, and Jocko. They ensure everything is in order.

My Advice to Anyone

Despise conformity – Let go of this idea that the person who stays in motion and is open to change, creates their own values and identity, makes connections, experiments, ask questions, seeks truth, explores. Let go that, this is the person that owes the world an explanation for their actions rather than the person conforming to the safety of the systems around them.

Life is for living – if you don’t like your life – change it and get after it.

Measure your life in terms of results, not with what you identify with.

Live Independently – Listen And Follow Your Heart.

Let’s Connect

I’m always on the lookout to use my skills and make a difference. I’m also eager to meet people who share similar interests.

Want to connect – drop me an email


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