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Hello, I am Jamie, I stand for Freedom and Independence. And incase you are wondering I am for hire.

I help those who feel that Technology is holding their business hostage; by cutting a path toward more Self-Reliance and Independence with solutions geared to give you more control, flexibility and options, allowing you to adapt and overcome obstacles in uncertain times.

I firmly believe that technology should serve and not control us.

I invite you to take a look around – If there is anything that resonates with you – I would like to hear from you.


About The Website

This site isn’t for people who think things should fit into nice little boxes and conform.

I am not into fluffy B.S. – however I have gone back and forth with my website.  There are 1000s of ways to do anything – what I have learned a long time ago is to not ask an expert, unless you want something that lacks substance and hollow.

I am putting this website together as a reflection of me, because I don’t know about you – I am tired of working with faceless corporations who are embracing destructive and hostile causes. 

The best way I can think of  how to share the spectrum of who I am is to bring together all the things I enjoy.  Even then I am more than the sum of those things

What you need to know about me in a nutshell..

I despise conformity and mediocrity. Let go of this idea that the person who stays in motion and is open to change, creates their own values and identity, makes connections, experiments, ask questions, seeks truth. The one who refuses to buy into the manufactured handed down narrative, the one who refuses to follow the sheep. The idea that, this is the person that owes the world an explanation for their actions rather than the person conforming to the safety of the systems around them.

Live Independently – Listen And Follow Your Heart.

The People I Enjoy Working With:

Those of us who refuse to be coerced, censored, and punished by corporate agendas, whom are corrupted and attempting to re-engineer the country we love into something unrecognizable.

People that respect their customers’ values and beliefs.

Those that LOVE what they do – they take pride in their work and it shows.

Link to Resume : Jamie Starling – Resume