I have trouble with about pages. Because I really can’t sum my life up in one page or less. Not in a way that reveals me as a person. Not, in a way that is fluid and dynamic. Not in a way that is constantly evolving.

Words are just messy, the words I have came up to describe me with are:

Despise conformity and the idea that the person who stays in motion and is open to change, creates their own values and identity, makes connections, experiments, ask questions. The idea that, this is the person that owes the world an explanation for their actions rather than the person conforming to the safety of the systems around them.


So, welcome to my experiment

The experiment is about:

  • Photography as a way to see.
  • Seeing as a way of being.
  • Seeing as a way to increase our awareness.
  • Seeing as a way to connect with the world around us.

What you see in an image is what you uniquely bring to it. Wouldn’t it be great to see more, not only in images, but in life. To see more possibilities?


The hypotheses:

There are many of us seeking a connection with others; others that are like minded and can help us grow. The images that I post, the writings, and other bits – are my messages in a bottle. I am thinking of it as a calling card – asking those who see (those to whom it speaks with) to connect.


Why Are You Using Received Images  – Instead Of

Instead of take, taken, made, make, capture,  etc..  such words of our culture don’t you think?

Take an image – steal, did we steal it? or is it still there? did it ever exist in the first place?  Take is an act of force.  Taking ones land.  We don’t take the light, we receive it.

Capture an image – again to go on a hunt, to hunt something down, to ignore all other opportunities.  It is very forceful and violent. Receiving is being open it is not an act of force, it is being present and aware to what is unfolding around you with no intention.  After all is light something that can be captured and horded away?

Make and image – This is where the lines start to blur, however it is an act of force of will.  To make something conform.  Conform to what – our preconceived ideas?  Why not just allow it to evolve?


To receive is to be present. To be open.  Just to watch, look, and observe, and when the feeling occurs, a feeling that no words can describe, you have received it.

Energy can only flow in one direction at a time. While we are putting it out, there isn’t room for allowing it in. Energy in the form of ideas, thoughts, and creativity that is already around us.

There’s an entirely different energy around receiving. When we’re in “receiving mode,” we’re far more able to see the opportunities that manifests for us in response to our intent. We’re not so bent on “getting” where we want to be by the means we think are available.


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