Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket – Especially If That Basket Is Not One of Yours

Do you own or control the platform that you are building your business on?   When building a business, it is tempting to take the shortcut – that is to use some other platform to make a profit, bring in customers, etc. In most cases you have little or no control over that platform, I […]

Understanding I/O Ports and Pins on The 10F322 – Part 1 – Blink LED

Part 1- Understanding I/O Ports and Pins – Blink A LED In this Tutorial We will use the 10F322 to blink a LED every 1 second You will learn the basics of:-ANSELA (Analog Select Register)-TRISA (Data Direction Register)-LATA (Output Latch Register) Code for Blink LED Project – For 10F322 and XC   /** File:main.c – […]