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Light House Beacon Simulator For Models – LH-50 – Old Light


Light House Beacon Simulator For Models – LH-50 – Old Light : Designed to simulate large incandescent warning beacons used in Light Houses with their warm white light. The Old Light model is a simulation of the older style light – in which the light dims, but never fully goes off, and then ramps up (becomes bright) and then ramps back down to dim – then a 20sec pause before the cycle repeats.

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Introducing the LH-50 Old Light, a state-of-the-art Lighthouse Beacon Simulator, meticulously designed to recreate the warm, comforting glow of large incandescent warning beacons that have guided countless mariners through the night.

Dedicated to authenticity, our LH-50 Old Light model draws inspiration from the bygone era of seafaring navigation, exuding an air of nostalgic charm. Its gentle, warm white light breathes life into your lighthouse models, faithfully emulating the timeless glow of historical warning beacons.

What truly sets the Old Light model apart is its lifelike lighting cycle. Unlike modern beacons, the LH-50 doesn’t completely shut off its light. Instead, it gracefully dims its radiance, creating an almost palpable anticipation, as if the beacon itself were taking a breath before launching into its bright, guiding pulse. The light then steadily intensifies, piercing the surrounding darkness with a reassuring luminescence, before slowly dimming back down. This captivating cycle repeats every 20 seconds, instilling a sense of calm rhythm that mirrors the steadfast nature of actual lighthouses.

The LH-50 Old Light offers a potent combination of tradition and technology, allowing you to infuse your lighthouse models with a dose of realism and a dash of charm. Bring home the LH-50 today and illuminate your models with the welcoming, comforting glow of yesteryears. Experience a beacon of trust, a testament to resilience, and a tribute to the unchanging guidance offered by lighthouses throughout history.


  • LED Based Lighting – Provides many years of service.
  • LED soft turn on and turn off – to simulate an incandescent light source.
  • DC Input reverse protected – Hooking power incorrectly will not damage the device.
  • Power Indicator – Know that the device is receiving power.
  • Screw Terminals Hookups – Provides easy hook up for power.
  • Soldered LED with 12inch Leads
  • Avaible with your choice of LED, 5mm,3mm, or mini in Warm White. Similar to incandescent light
  • Comes with Plastic Holder – For Easy Mounting


The LH50 requires DC power between 6 – 12 volts to operate. Draws max of 25ma when operating. Please note – power supply is not provided with LH50.

{Includes – In The Box}

  • Your choice of 5mm, 3mm, or Mini Warm White LED on 12inch leads.
  • Plastic Holder for Mounting
  • Hookup Guide – Instructions.

{Download – View Instructions}

LH50 - Old Light Instructions

{Video Example of Light House Beacon Simulator}

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LED Size

5mm, 3mm, Micro

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