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Slow Flashing Warning Beacon For Models – BL-50


Slow Flashing Warning Beacon For Models – Model BL-50 – Designed to simulate large incandescent warning beacons with a flash rate of 20 per minute – used on water towers, light housed or radio/tv towers – or in industrial scenes. Of course it could be used for many other projects, where you want a slow flashing light.

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Introducing the BL-50, a meticulously designed Slow Flashing Warning Beacon for model enthusiasts seeking that touch of authenticity. The BL-50 is crafted to mimic the captivating effect of large incandescent warning beacons, injecting a dose of reality into your model setups.

Whether it’s adorning the top of a model water tower, a miniature lighthouse, a radio/TV tower, or adding intrigue to an industrial scene, the BL-50 can do it all. Its versatility is only matched by your creativity, making it perfect for a multitude of projects seeking that hypnotic slow flash of light.

At the heart of the BL-50 is the advanced LED-based lighting, promising durability and longevity. This beacon doesn’t just light up, it pulsates with a gentle turn-on and turn-off feature, truly mirroring the graceful glow of an incandescent light source.

The BL-50 has a measured flash rate of 20 per minute, slow and steady, keeping rhythm with the pulse of your miniature world. Don’t fret about making mistakes while setting it up, for it’s equipped with a DC input reverse protection – incorrectly hooking power won’t damage the device.

Adding to the user-friendly design, the BL-50 features a power indicator letting you know that your beacon is bright and active, and screw terminal hookups ensure an effortless power hookup. Each BL-50 comes with a soldered LED, complete with 12-inch leads, and your choice of 5mm or 3mm LED in Red, Yellow, Warm White, or Cool White.

But that’s not all. The BL-50 includes a sleek plastic holder for easy mounting, ensuring a seamless fit in any model setup. Choose the BL-50 Slow Flashing Warning Beacon, and bring your miniature world to life with its undeniably compelling presence.


  • LED Based Lighting – Provides many years of service.
  • LED soft turn on and turn off – to simulate an incandescent light source.
  • Slow Flash rate of – 20 per minute.
  • DC Input reverse protected – Hooking power incorrectly will not damage the device.
  • Power Indicator – Know that the device is receiving power.
  • Screw Terminals Hookups – Provides easy hook up for power.
  • Soldered LED with 12inch Leads
  • Your choice of a 5mm or 3mm LED in Red, Yellow, Warm White, or Cool White on 12 inch leads.
  • Comes with Plastic Holder – For Easy Mounting


The BL50 requires DC power between 6 – 12 volts to operate. Draws max of 25ma when operating. Please note – power supply is not provided with BL50.


{Includes – In The Box}

  • Hookup Guide – Instructions.
  • The BL-50 comes with a plastic mounting housing that can be mounted by either using double sided tape or screws.

{Download – View Instructions}

WL50 Arc Welder Simulator Instructions


{Video Example of Slow Flashing Warning Beacon}

Additional information

LED Size

3mm, 5mm, Micro

LED Color

Red, Yellow, Cool White, Warm White

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