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So, what is the Difference between the PIC16F15213 and PIC16F15214?

FLASH Program Space and SRAM Size.

PIC16F15213 has 3.5K Program Flash Memory and 256 Bytes of SRAM.

PIC16F15214 has 7K Program Flash Memory and 512 Bytes of SRAM.

You get double the Program Space and Double the SRAM space with the PIC16F15214.

Everything else – they are equal…

  • Is an 8pin Device – with 6 I/O Pins {Two pins are used for power supply}
    • Most Pin functions are mappable
    • 1x External Interrupt Pin
    • 6x Interrupt-on-change pins – IOC
  • Operating Voltage Range:  1.8V to 5.5V
  • Max CPU Speed 32Mhz
    • Internal or External Clocking
    • Has Memory Access Partition
    • Has  Device Information Area
  • Timers
    • 1x 8 bit timer
    • 2x 16 bit timers
  • PWM and CCP
    • 2X PWM
    • 2X CCP
  • ADC Analog to Digital Converts
    • 1 ADC 10bit Converter
    • 5x ADC Channels
  • Has 1x MSSP – Host Synchronous Serial Port (I2C / SPI modes)
  • Has 1x EUSART –  Enhanced Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
  • Has Watchdog Timer
  • Programming and In-Circuit Debug
    • Supports In-Circuit Serial Programming and In-Circuit Debug (VIA two Pins)

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